CareFlex Warranties

CareFlex Chairs

Our specialist seating has a 1-year guarantee on all parts and labour throughout the product range. The warranties on CareFlex chair frames vary. Please see the individual product pages for the length of each frame warranty.

All parts and/or functions which are proven to be faulty as a result of manufacture or materials failure, which have occurred despite the chair being used as intended, will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge during the warranty period.

Damage caused by carelessness, challenging behaviour on the part of the user not previously brought to our attention, inappropriate product use, or any use other than in accordance with our instructions or recommendations, inadequate maintenance, or natural disaster, is excluded from these warranties and any repair or replacement required as a result will be chargeable.

Products covered by this warranty are limited to those that are manufactured or supplied by CareFlex, and the choice of repair, replacement, or refund will be at our discretion.

When returning goods for repair/replacement under warranty, the purchaser will be responsible for packaging, postage, and any postal insurance. Once repair services are completed, CareFlex will return the product to the purchaser. Return postage will be paid by CareFlex.

Any products returned to CareFlex must be disinfected and pose no hazard to health. It is a criminal offence to send contaminated items via the postal system or other delivery agents. Please refer to the Microbiology Advisory Committee document ‘Sterilization, Disinfection and Cleaning of Medical Devices and Equipment’, available from the Department of Health and MRHA Device Bulletin DB2006 (05) ‘Managing Medical Devices’.

If it is determined that required repairs or replacement parts are outside the warranty, CareFlex will first contact the purchaser and provide an estimate of repair costs and obtain authorisation to proceed before any remedial work is undertaken. In such cases, return postage along with the repair costs will be billed to the purchaser when the repaired product is returned.

Electrical Components

Electrical components, including batteries, have a 12-month warranty. For warranty repairs a control box must be returned with its batteries.

Warranties on control boxes are void if the bottom compartment of the box is opened and the circuitry accessed. Damage to the identification label on the control box is evidence of the bottom compartment being opened.

CareFlex Aftercare

Care and Maintenance

All CareFlex chairs have been designed to be simple to use and to provide years of trouble-free operation. However, even the most durable parts need to be maintained.

Please read the User Instructions supplied with each of our chairs for comprehensive information on Care and Maintenance.

Regular checks and cleaning will help keep your chair working as intended but if anything relating to the safe operation of your chair is giving you concern, call our Customer Careline to help resolve any issues.

Refurbishment and Re-Issuing

Our chairs have been assembled using individual components which can be serviced or replaced separately, if necessary. If a component gets damaged or wears out, it can be replaced by trained technicians without the need to return the chair to our factory.

In multi-user environments, this also means a chair can be thoroughly decontaminated and
re-configured to suit varied seating needs.

The majority of our accessories can be retro-fitted to older chairs, and parts such as cushions and covers can be swapped to suit different user shapes or provide support as required. If you are a Stores Manager, please contact us to discuss how you can keep your CareFlex chairs in service, easily and efficiently.

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