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  • Postural Management and Good Sitting Posture - What's all the hype about?
    1st March 2018

    The human body is made up of many different systems that work together to achieve good posture. As we grow and develop we learn from and respond to information that is sent from various sources, including visual, vestibular (sensory) and proprioceptive (movement sensations from muscles and tendons) input. Damage to any of these systems, through injury or disease, can affect our ability to interact with the information and maintain good posture.

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  • Posture and Pressure are Inextricably Linked
    15th January 2018

    The impact of a pressure injury on a person is significant, with them being affected physically, psychologically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and financially (Langemo 2005). Pressure injuries in older persons are associated with a fivefold increase in mortality (Grey & Harding 2006). Pressure injuries can result in longer lengths of stay in hospitals;

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  • Tilt in Space – When and How to Use Safely and Effectively
    27th October 2017

    Tilt in Space – When and How to Use Safely and Effectively CareFlex Clinical Specialist Rebecca Dunstall BSc Physiotherapy (Hons) This blog discusses the function of TiS, how it should be used safely and how to use in conjunction with BAR, when appropriate.

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  • Rebecca Dunstall, CareFlex Clinical Specialist
    31st August 2017

    Meet Rebecca Dunstall, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, CareFlex Clinical Specialist

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  • CareFlex Seating - supported by independent clinical evidence for 20 years.
    18th August 2017

    CareFlex is the only specialist seating manufacturer supported with independent clinical evidence over many years. At CareFlex we have confidence and pride in our specialist seating and the positive changes we know it can have on people’s lives. We have always been open to the evaluation of our products to prove their clinical effectiveness. Since 1998 we have submitted our products to testing every eight to nine years to ensure we have the evidence to support our beliefs.

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  • Support Your Fellow Occupational Therapist Katie Peers
    23rd May 2017

    CareFlex is very proud to be the main sponsor of Cambridge University Hospital based Occupational Therapist, Katie Peers, who will be cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats - Deloitte Ride Across Britain - in September 2017 raising money for The Prince’s Trust which helps young people get into employment and out of difficult times.

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  • PMLD - Working Together to Achieve Positive Outcomes
    4th May 2017

    An interesting overview of the HCP's role when working with PMLD A diagnosis of profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) is used when a person has more than one disability, the most significant of which is a profound learning disability. Many diagnosed with PMLD will also have sensory challenges, communication difficulties, physical disabilities, complex health needs, and/or mental health problems

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  • A heart-warming case study. A lady with MND receives her new HydroFlex chair with almost instantaneous and joyful results.
    24th February 2017

    The CareFlex OT Show Competition Winner 2016 was Helen Cartwright, a senior OT with the Community Neurology Rehabilitation Team at West Park Hospital, Wolverhampton. The team will issue the chair on loan to their priority patients. I was very privileged recently to be at the home of the first patient to receive the HydroFlex, a patient with Motor Neuron Disease. Since writing this the lady has sadly died, so I will remove all mention of her and her husband.

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