Top 10 Things You Need to Know About CareFlex


1. Commitment to Comfort

CareFlex is dedicated to providing specialised seating solutions that prioritise comfort. Prolonged and/or destructive postures can cause tension in the body and increase the risk of significant pain. Our chairs are meticulously designed to promote feelings of security within the chair whilst allowing the opportunity to relax. Ultimately, being comfortable and feeling safe can increase the tolerance of a desired seated position and compliance with equipment. Remember, if an individual isn’t comfortable, they may not use the chair regardless of the clinical benefits.1

2. True Holistic Approach

At CareFlex, we appreciate that a holistic approach to postural care ensures effective personalised care – not a narrow focus on the diagnosis but also the consideration of the person’s health and well-being.2 Determining key information will ensure correct, safe, and consistent compliance. Better engagement from individuals and their caregivers can be expected as they feel involved in their own care, in turn leading to improved outcomes. Ask targeted questions to understand the individual user’s daily life, especially their seating objectives and the activities that are important to them.

3. The Power of Education

CareFlex is not solely a manufacturer; we are also committed to raising awareness and educating all those involved in the world of specialist seating. We offer a comprehensive educational programme for Health & Social Care Professionals, Professional Carers, and caregivers alike, including various events and resources to empower. We facilitate monthly live webinars, provide training events throughout the UK, and develop informative documents to complement our chairs. We hold bespoke hands-on sessions for care settings to improve confidence with seating solutions and help maximise outcomes. We also ensure that informal training via a thorough handover is completed at every chair delivery, with the opportunity to utilise our expertise at follow-up visits where required.

4. Best Practice Mindset

Successful seating provision depends on three key elements of best practice: personalised care, evidence-based, and appropriate knowledge and skills. As aforementioned, a personalised holistic approach is at the heart of everything we do. We also clearly value education and play our part in improving the confidence and competence of those who provide and utilise specialist seating. To meet the third key element of best practice, we also pride ourselves on using an evidence-based approach in our product development. This means that our chairs are comfortable for the individual and designed and engineered to meet clinical objectives based on current best evidence and guidelines. Evaluations, such as pressure mapping and independent research, are also periodically completed to aid clinical justification.

5. Innovative Product Range

CareFlex boasts an extensive range of robust, adaptable seating solutions that have been developed to cater to a diverse range of needs and requirements. Our portfolio includes basic comfort chairs through to complex postural support systems. We also offer a high degree of customisation with a range of sizes, fabrics, colours, and accessories to ensure that each chair meets the postural care needs and considers the aesthetics to fit seamlessly into the user’s environment. Continuous innovation and rigorous product development processes ensure we continue to meet the ever-changing demands of health and social care services in the UK.

6. Market-Leading Tailored Solutions

In addition to our standard portfolio, we provide bespoke adjustments through our unique Tailored Solutions Service. We appreciate the range of complexities and diverse seating needs that can present, so we are proud of our ability to adapt our products seamlessly. Each tailored seating solution is unique. Sometimes a modification can be a simple change to an accessory. In other instances, it can be a significant alteration to the frame or structure of the chair.

7. CliniMed Group

CareFlex is part of the CliniMed Group, which comprises eight companies, all providing specialist products and services. It is the founding company of a privately owned British group of companies that was established in 1982; today, it employs over 750 people and serves the health and social care markets worldwide. CliniMed’s strength is in providing a reliable and caring service for its customers and introducing innovative new products to suit continuing needs. CliniMed prides itself on closely working with professionals in all health and care settings while directly supporting the individual and their caregivers.

8. Exceptional Standards

We pride ourselves on adhering to the law and going above and beyond for our customers. We are an Approved Code business (Trading Standards); this gives extra peace of mind by guaranteeing exceptional customer service, no ‘hard-sell’ tactics, and the best after-sales service. CareFlex products are registered as Class 1 non-sterile Medical Devices. Where a UKCA or CE mark is placed on a medical device, it indicates the product conforms to all requirements as specified in the appropriate regulations, is fit for its intended purpose, and meets all criteria relating to safety. Independent and rigorous audits are undertaken by the British Standards Institution (BSI) twice a year to assess our compliance with the world’s most recognised quality management system standard: ISO9001. It also ensures we demonstrate a continuous improvement mindset in all that we do. 

9. Green Credentials

We make every effort to ensure that our processes, from design to sourcing and supply chain through to distribution of our products and disposal of our waste, support our commitment to protecting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Throughout our factory and office spaces, we proactively drive a reduction in energy use by not leaving machines and appliances on standby and by turning off lighting and heating in unoccupied areas. We also work closely with our supply chain partners to look for opportunities to introduce more environmental ways of working, including reviewing opportunities to introduce increasingly sustainable materials and components to our products.

10. Customer-Centric Service

Last but not least, CareFlex offers a personalised service to each and every customer. Whether this is the individual user, the caregiver, the professional, or the service provider – we understand the need to tailor our approach, correspondence, and objectives. We have a team of dedicated specialists who can offer clinical, sales, marketing, logistical, and technical support. Guidance is available throughout the customer journey from initial enquiry to assessment, prescription, and beyond.

Regarding specialised seating solutions, CareFlex’s commitment to quality, comfort, and support sets us apart. Our ongoing dedication to improving personalised care through education and innovative design highlights our leading role in health and social care. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your postural care in sitting needs.


  1. Bartley C, Stephens M (2017) Evaluating the impact of WaterCell® Technology on pressure redistribution and comfort/discomfort of adults with limited mobility Journal of Tissue Viability 26(2):144-149
  2. The Health Foundation (2016) Person-centred care made simple, What everyone should know about person-centred care Available from:


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