Behind the Chair: The Dedicated Seating Assessors at CareFlex

As leaders in providing specialist seating solutions, CareFlex prides itself on its dedicated team of Seating Assessors who strive to ensure optimal comfort, functionality, and well-being for the individuals we work with. Their experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to promoting an individualised, holistic approach to specialist seating make them a cornerstone of our company. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the people who make it all possible.

Setting the Benchmark: Our Seating Assessors

Our Seating Assessors form a dynamic team with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of postural care needs. Each assessor brings to the table a unique perspective shaped by their backgrounds, but they also have a willingness to share, reflect, and learn from one another. Their combined skills and knowledge allow them to provide effective seating solutions, ensuring every individual’s needs are met in the most optimal way possible. Additionally, of course, they are fully supported by our Clinical Specialist, who is on hand to advise and guide, where necessary.

Journey to Personalised Care

The path to achieving a suitable seating solution begins with a thorough assessment process. Our assessors conduct comprehensive evaluations in collaboration with Health and Social Care Professionals around the UK, considering a range of factors from physical health needs to lifestyle preferences. They employ best practice strategies to identify potential issues related to postural care, pressure management, and function. This information is then utilised to guide the selection and customisation of seating solutions. Whether the HydroTilt chair for pressure redistribution, the MultiAdjust for flexibility, or the SmartSeatPro II for complex presentations, our assessors ensure the right fit for each individual.

Beyond Seating: Advocating for Better Lives

But their role doesn’t end with just delivering chairs. Our assessors go the extra mile, providing guidance on how to use best and adjust the seating solutions, empowering users and their caregivers to maximise benefits. They remain a constant source of support, addressing queries and providing reassurance throughout the journey.

Our assessors also play a crucial role in advocating for our customers. They actively engage in knowledge sharing and conduct training sessions and workshops. By raising awareness about the importance of specialist seating and postural care, they contribute to a wider culture of understanding and proactive health and social care management.

Celebrating Our Seating Assessors

Andy Coates

Dan Hawkes

Michael McHugh

Mike Kyte

Alex Haste

Quintin Watt

Stuart Watt

Each member of our team makes a difference. They bring to life our motto of ‘Care, Compassion, and Empathy’, ensuring every person we work with feels valued, comfortable, and empowered. Our assessors are at the heart of CareFlex’s operations, tirelessly working to provide solutions for those individuals in need. They are not just seating assessors but advocates for better health, comfort, and overall quality of life.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can put you in direct contact with the Seating Assessor in your area for a free product demonstration or a no-obligation seating assessment.

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