As a thank you and as an appreciation for Vranch House’s remarkable work, CareFlex is delighted to announce the donation of a HydroFlex chair. We hope the chair brings years of comfort, support, and enhanced well-being to the individuals under Vranch House’s care.

Vranch House: Care and Education

Vranch House stands at the forefront of promoting and providing essential services for the care, education, training, treatment, and welfare of disabled individuals. The charity goes beyond these core activities by offering valuable assistance to parents and caregivers, recognising and addressing the unique needs of families supporting disabled individuals.

With a primary focus on educating children with physical difficulties from ages 2 to 18, Vranch House extends its impact by providing paediatric therapy and clinical treatment as outpatients throughout Devon.

About HydroFlex, Vranch CEO Kate Moss said, “Thank you so much to CareFlex for their kind donation of a chair for the pupils across the school to use when they need to relax in a great position.”

Why the HydroFlex?

CareFlex understands the pivotal role of comfort and functionality in any environment. The HydroFlex chair is a flexible chair that offers high levels of adaptability for those with more complex posture and pressure management needs. It promotes comfort, engagement in activities using the tray, relaxation, and energy management for the user. By gifting this chair to Vranch House, we aim to contribute to the students’ well-being, independence, and comfort.

A Token of Thanks: Recognising Dedication

We understand the invaluable work done by organisations like Vranch House and the need to recognise their achievements and positive impact on the local community.

About CareFlex

CareFlex is not just a comfy chair manufacturer but advocates for better postural and pressure care. We aim to revolutionise how seating is assessed, prescribed, and delivered through collaboration and education with a client-centred and holistic approach. CareFlex is committed to improving the well-being and quality of life for everyone involved.

About Vranch House

Vranch House is a centre for treating over 2,000 outpatients with physical difficulties, providing various therapies throughout Devon and an independent Day School in Exeter for children with significant physical difficulties.