Enhancing Comfort and Adaptability with the MultiAdjust

In the world of postural care, the MultiAdjust stands out. A versatile and highly adjustable seating solution designed to cater to a range of conditions and environments. This innovative chair, combines adaptability with comfort, making it an ideal choice for individuals across various age groups, sizes and diverse health conditions.

Ideal for Diverse Conditions and Environments: A Seating Solution for All

The MultiAdjust serves as an effective seating solution for individuals facing neurological, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, orthopaedic conditions, as well as those who are frail, elderly, semi-ambulant, or non-ambulant. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of environments, including domestic and home care, hospital wards, rehabilitation centres, hospices, respite care, nursing, and residential homes.

Versatile Sizing for All Ages: Small and Medium Options for Tailored Comfort

Available in Small and Medium sizes, the MultiAdjust caters to individuals of varying shapes and sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for both children and adults. The chairs offer flexibility with adjustment control options, providing either manual or motorised settings to suit individual preferences.

Innovative Features for Optimal Comfort and Support: Revolutionising Postural Care

The MultiAdjust boasts a range of features designed to enhance comfort and postural support:
1. Tilt-in-Space (TiS): Easy redistribution of body weight while maintaining hip and knee angles, combating fatigue without compromising postural support.
2. Back Angle Recline (BAR): Adjusts the angle between the chair seat and back, creating a comfortable hip position for users.
3. Elevating Legrest: Offers additional lower limb support for enhanced comfort.
4. Height Adjustable, Flip Up & Angle Adjustable Footplate: Accommodates various foot postures, catering to clients with foot drop or differing lower leg lengths.
5. Integral Seat Depth and Width Adjustment: Provides flexibility for individual seating needs.
6. Integral Arm Rest Height Adjustment: Allows for personalised arm support.
7. Removable Arm Rests: Facilitates lateral transfers and assists with sling application and removal.

Quality and Peace of Mind: CareFlex Assurance with Lifetime Frame Warranty

Built in the UK with robust construction quality synonymous with CareFlex, the MultiAdjust ensures high comfort levels in a variety of health and care environments. For added peace of mind, it comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty, reflecting the chair’s durability and reliability.

User-Friendly Adjustments: Simplifying the Seating Experience

The MultiAdjust has been meticulously designed with simplicity in mind. All adjustment mechanisms are easy to use and easy to find. Clear indicators on the insides of the arms simplify adjustments, ensuring a seamless user experience. Allowing caregivers to provide optimal postural support effortlessly.

Modular Design for Practicality

The chair’s modular design allows for fitting around the individual meaning with a few tweaks the chair can be used again rather than purchasing a new chair. Additionally, the modular structure simplifies cleaning, enabling the maintenance of individual chair sections and the frame with ease, this increases the longevity of the chair.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs: Personalised Postural Care

We understand that everyone’s postural care needs are unique. That’s why our chair is not just a one-size-fits-all solution but a platform for tailored care. We take pride in offering personalised seating solutions to cater to a myriad of conditions and environments ensuring that everyone experiences the highest level of comfort and support. With a range of adjustable features, modular design, and interchangeable accessories.
The MultiAdjust Postural Care Chair embodies the essence of adaptability, comfort, and practicality. With its versatile features, user-friendly adjustments, and durable construction, it proves to be an invaluable asset in enhancing the quality of life for individuals facing diverse postural challenges.

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