Part Eight Objective Assessment – Critical Angles for Sitting

Due to the variability among people it is acknowledged that a universal seating position is not practical and an individual assessment and prescription is recommended.

Why do we need to assess?

We also need a baseline upon which to measure the effectiveness of any prescribed specialist seating during the review process.

There are specific critical angles that we need to be able to achieve a typical seated posture: 90° hip flexion and 90° knee flexion. If an individual is unable to achieve these ranges of movement then their specialist seating prescription will need to accommodate this. This video shows how to assess for these critical angles for sitting.

Visit our Health section to read more about postural challenges and how to address them, or visit out Info Centre to read more on how specialist seating can help. Also, keep an eye out for other videos in our series that look in to specialist seating prescription.

Disclaimer: Ensure the assessment and prescription is completed by an experienced and qualified professional who has the competence and confidence required. Or contact us to book a free no-obligation assessment with our own seating assessors.