17. Pressure Care


Pressure care is a vital aspect of successful specialist seating prescription – and prevention is key!

This video discusses the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can affect pressure care and offers solutions for their management. Watch our video Posture and Pressure are Inextricably Linked for more on the link between posture and pressure, and how we cannot manage one effectively without addressing the other.

At CareFlex we have earned an outstanding reputation for the quality of our products and service. We are confident that in a managed and trained health or care environment our WaterCell Technology will suit users of all risk categories when used as part of a holistic posture and pressure management programme. Read more about our pressure relieving WaterCell Technology, which is at the heart of our specialist seating.

You can also read about our clinical evaluations – we have always been open to the evaluation of our products to prove their clinical effectiveness and have submitted our chairs to independent testing over the last 20 years to ensure we have the evidence to support our beliefs.