12. Seating Prescription – Thigh Support

Once pelvic stability is achieved, it is important to ensure that the thighs are fully supported in a level and as midline position as possible. It is especially important for the ischial tuberosities to be supported, ensuring equal weight distribution, to reduce the risk of pressure injury.

Remember, even if an individual is able to achieve the gold standard 90-90-90 sitting position, their weight distribution is as follows1:

  1. Through the buttocks & thighs: 75%
  2. Through the feet: 19%
  3. Through the arms rests: 2%
  4. Through the back: 4%

This video introduces the postures that can challenge thigh support and discusses the different options for their management.

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  1. Collins F (2001) Selecting cushions and armchairs: how to make an informed choice Journal of Wound Care / Therapy Weekly Supplement 13(5)

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