1. Posture and Pressure are Inextricably Linked

Pressure care is a crucial aspect of specialist seating, as posture and pressure are inextricably linked.

Posture and positioning have a direct influence on the pressure going through specific body sites. High interface pressures over prolonged periods of time causes the skin and underlying tissues to become compressed; consequently, blood cannot circulate and the cells do not get their vital oxygen and nutrients, resulting in cell death. The body can only withstand these high interface pressures for a short period of time, and when the loading of tissues is unequal and/or the pressure is not regularly relieved pressure injury can occur.

This video discusses the link between posture and pressure, and how we cannot manage one effectively without addressing the other.

CareFlex specialist seating aims to reduce the risk of pressure injury by encouraging equal weight distribution of the individual in the chair over the maximum surface area with our integral pressure management; read more on WaterCell Technology, or visit our Seating section to learn more about our specialist seating range.

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