Posture Webinar with Simple Stuff Works

When our friends at Simple Stuff Works approached us to take part in a series of new webinar resources we were very excited to assist in this great collaboration.

Simple Stuff Works are building a library of supportive free webinars for parents and carers, plus those new to a caring. These webinars will cover seating, nursing, night positioning, sensory engagement, mental health, speech and language, communication and signing to name but a few.

This pandemic has affected us all in so many ways – from having to distance ourselves from loved ones to changing the way we live and work. The reality for some is that they have become completely confined to their homes due to the risks their underlying health conditions pose. During this lockdown, adhering to Government guidelines to stay at home and social distance ourselves means we may be less active than usual.

Given how COVID-19 is affecting the human body, CareFlex want to help you to best support yourself or your loved ones who may be spending more time sitting during these challenging times.  One area that really needs to be considered is the function of the internal body systems, in particular respiratory function, and how body positioning can influence it. In order to protect a person’s health and wellbeing, especially if they develop symptoms of COVID-19, it is critical that their posture encourages optimum breathing ability.

Hopefully this short webinar can give you some hints and tips to improve yours or your loved ones posture whilst at home. Remember, it’s not too late to make a difference – even small simple changes can help people feel comfortable and breathe more easily, ultimately having a significant impact on their quality of life.

If you or your loved ones are finding it difficult to achieve some of the desired seating aims mentioned in the webinar then specialist seating may be indicated. CareFlex remain open and here to help; we are now offering remote assessments so please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0800 018 6440.

This webinar is intended as a guide only and individualised advice is recommended. I am always happy to answer any seating queries too – you can send your questions to

Keep an eye out for our follow-up webinars.

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