Part Two – 24-Hour Postural Management

As a person grows and develops they learn from and respond to information that is sent from various sources, including visual, vestibular (sensory) and proprioceptive (movement sensations from muscles and tendons) input. Damage to any of these systems, through age, injury, illness or disease, can affect their ability to interact with the information; therefore, they will find it increasingly difficult to achieve a good posture.

Failure to protect an individual’s posture can result in many secondary complications, including pain, fatigue, deteriorating health, decreased independence, and ultimately reduced quality of life. Postural management is the use of any intervention to promote comfort, enhance function and reduce the risk of postural deterioration across the full 24 hours.

In this video we introduce the concept of ‘posture’ and discuss the importance of managing it appropriately. Visit the Posture Management section of our Info Centre to read more on the importance of good sitting posture and how to achieve it. You can also read our insightful Blog on postural management for more information.