Why is CPD Important?

Continuing professional development, commonly referred to as CPD, is the process by which we as Clinicians continue to practice safely and effectively by developing our knowledge and skills.1 CPD essentially helps ensure that quality, accountability and effective practice are maintained.

To enhance our professionalism and competence, we must be:

  • Actively engaging in CPD
  • Documenting and evidencing our CPD
  • Applying learning from CPD to our practice

CPD requires us to demonstrate that we are keeping up-to-date with new knowledge, techniques and developments linked to our practice. A key aspect is reflection, which requires us to stop and think about our practice, consciously analyse our decision making, and then relate this back to our clinical work.1

How Do We Achieve CPD?

Any activity from which we learn or develop professionally can be considered appropriate for CPD; we should ensure that any activity complements our practice and enhances the services we provide.2

CPD can be split into four categories:

  1. Work-based learning: reflecting on our experiences at work, considering feedback from clients, or being a member of a committee.
  2. Professional activity: being involved in a professional body, or giving a presentation at a conference.
  3. Formal education: attending courses or completing research.
  4. Self-directed learning: reading articles and books, or updating our knowledge through interactive websites.

How Does CPD Apply to Specialist Seating?

With regards to specialist seating, Clinicians must ensure that they are competent in assessing comprehensively and prescribing appropriately, whilst keeping up-to-date with available products and clinical guidelines in line with evidence-based practice.

How Can CareFlex Help?

At CareFlex we take our responsibility as a specialist seating provider seriously. Not only can we support Clinicians through the assessment and prescription process, but we also understand the value of education and actively provide resources and facilitate events for our Customers.

We recognise that education is the key to ensuring successful seating as part of an individual’s 24-hour postural management and pressure care programme.

We endeavour to offer Clinicians a hub of accessible information via our website and social media, including articles, clinical evaluations, real-life case studies, videos and webinars. We are also proud of our Pocket Book of Seating and new Encyclopedia of Seating.

CareFlex training events are free to attend and qualify as part of a Clinician’s CPD with them receiving a certificate of attendance and a learning pack. Training events are always a combination of theory and practical hands-on sessions. They are packed with useful hints and tips emphasising the importance of specialist seating in improving the quality of life of individuals.

Main learning objectives include:

  • Appreciating the importance of postural management and pressure care.
  • Understanding the role of specialist seating within postural management and pressure care.
  • Be able to describe the impact of seating on quality of life.
  • Be able to identify common challenges through comprehensive assessment techniques.
  • Understanding how to address common challenges with appropriate seating prescription.
  • Be able to justify and support funding requests for specialist seating.
  • An opportunity for peer review with real-life case studies.

We are currently in the process of planning our 2021 training strategy so that we are able to return to regular events throughout the United Kingdom as soon as circumstances allow.

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