HydroTilt Clinical Evaluation

2007 – Collins1:

Published in the International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

Fiona Collins, an Occupational Therapist, produced an article of case studies of people with complex seating needs, showing the outcome of prescribing a HydroTilt chair. She  concluded that the HydroTilt can address a range of issues, including postural and pressure care needs, feeding, mobility, respiration, swallowing, oedema, comfort and dignity, and that WaterCell technology provides optimum pressure redistribution. There is also a definite need for thorough assessment to ascertain seating goals and ensure appropriate prescription.

Case study 1 (terminal cancer)

The tilt-in-space function maintained a neutral position at the pelvis and reduced the thoracic kyphosis, pressure was distributed more evenly due to the adjustable seat depth and leg rest, no pressure damage to the sacrum, buttocks or heels was observed, and there was self-reported improved comfort.

Case study 2 (dementia)

A more symmetrical sitting position was achieved, reduced lower leg oedema due to leg rest elevation was observed, standing ability was facilitated, and skin remained intact.

Case study 3 (advanced secondary progressive multiple sclerosis)

Effective postural support and maximum pressure redistribution was achieved.


  1. Collins F (2007) The HydroTilt Armchair: Meeting complex seating requirements International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation 14(2)