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We recently completed a pressure mapping study with an independent representative from Sumed, with the aim of providing healthcare professionals prescribing CareFlex chairs with the evidence needed to prove product effectiveness.

  • Seminal work by Kosiak states that average pressures of 60-70mmHg for 1-2 hours may lead to soft tissue pressure injury1.
  • A recent study by Kim & Chang showed average pressures for foam cushions as 61.92mmHg and air adjustable cushions as 60.95mmHg2.
  • This study indicated that WaterCell Technology can offer lower average pressures, with a range between 27-32mmHg.



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Kim WJ, Chang M (2013) A Comparison of the Average Sitting Pressures and Symmetry Indexes between Air-adjustable and Foam Cushions Journal of Physical Therapy Science 25(9):1185–1187