Supporting Seating Professionals: Top 5 Ways CareFlex Can Enhance Your Postural Care Practice

As Health and Social Care Professionals involved in postural care, your expertise and dedication profoundly affect people’s lives. At CareFlex, we understand and value your work, and we’re committed to supporting you in enhancing the service you provide. Here are the top five ways we can contribute to your postural care practice:

  1. Responsive Evidence-Based Design

Our seating solutions are not built on assumptions. They’re designed based on rigorous engineering processes and are guided by comprehensive clinical chair trials and the latest evidence. We always respond to feedback from those on the frontline who utilise our chairs. We also follow the current research trends, integrate best practices, and apply them to our seating solution designs. This commitment to evidence-based design ensures our chairs are safe and effective, helping individuals maintain and improve their comfort, functional independence, health, and well-being.

  1. Tailored Solutions

Every individual you work with has unique postural needs and preferences. We respect this diversity and offer a range of chairs to cater to various needs – from the HydroTilt for general comfort and stability to the SmartSeatPro II for individuals requiring more complex postural support. We also provide bespoke adjustments through our Tailored Solutions Service for individuals with greater unique needs. This can be a small change to an accessory through to a significant adaptation to the frame. We aim to ensure that you can find the optimum seating solution for every person you support.

  1. Continued Professional Development

As professionals, we all understand the importance of continuous learning. That’s why we are proud of our educational programme, which includes various events and resources to meet your CPD needs. We facilitate monthly live webinars, provide training events throughout the UK, and present at notable conferences. We also share regular blogs covering various topics and develop informative documents to complement our chairs and support clinical justification. Whether you’re interested in refreshing your knowledge on seating assessments or diving deep into the complexities of managing specific postural issues, we have an educational event or resource for you.

  1. Comprehensive Aftercare Support

We believe our relationship doesn’t end after you purchase a CareFlex chair. We are committed to providing comprehensive aftercare, including maintenance, repairs, and advice on chair usage. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist you, whether you have a technical query or need advice on reviewing the suitability of a chair. We strive to ensure that all who utilise our chairs are confident and competent, even when needs change.

  1. Advocacy and Awareness

We are passionate advocates for the importance of good postural care in sitting. We understand that raising awareness and educating professionals and the public is crucial to improving postural care practices. We take every opportunity to share knowledge, actively participate in campaigns, and collaborate with professional bodies and charities. Through these efforts, we aim to highlight the role of postural care in overall quality of life and promote the benefits of specialist seating.

At CareFlex, we believe in the power of partnership. By providing you with evidence-based, tailored seating solutions, offering continuous professional development, and ensuring comprehensive support, we aim to enhance your ability to deliver effective postural care in sitting. Moreover, by joining hands in advocacy and awareness-raising, we can increase understanding and recognition of the importance of specialist seating. Together, we can make a real difference.