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The SmartSeatPro is an effective seating solution for adults moving up from the Paediatric SmartSeatPro with the following conditions and postural challenges:

Download the NEW SmartSeatPro Clinical Justification, a document supporting Health Care Professionals with their seating prescription and meeting equipment criteria.

Complex Adults Only

The New SmartSeatPro II

The all-new SmartSeatPro II is a highly adjustable modular seating system for adults that takes specialist seating to the next level for those with complex postural management and pressure care needs. The SmartSeatPro II’s unique design allows for various configurations to ensure postural asymmetries can be fully stabilised, accommodated, and, where possible, corrected from the feet to the pelvis and through the spine to the head.

The SmartSeatPro II benefits from Tilt-in-Space, Back Angle Recline, and a multi-adjustable back and head system with new sections of modifiable filling. The new armrests allow for quick arm height adjustments and are labelled seat width guides to assist with seat width adjustments, and they are also fully removable to help with side transfers. The chair’s design gives Health & Social Care Professionals maximum adaptability to optimise posture, function and comfort for individuals in all environments, including domestic settings, schools, care homes and hospitals. Operation of chair functions can be by either manual gas action control or battery-controlled motors and a pro-control option. The chair provides high levels of comfort and the robust construction quality associated with CareFlex chairs. The SmartSeatPro II comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty for extra peace of mind.


  • The four-part system on the SmartSeatPro II can be easily configured to suit individual needs.
  • Soft and removable padding at all sections allows for configuration for enhanced comfort and provides support exactly where indicated.
  • The individual components can be quickly and easily adjusted tool-free.
  • The three lower sections can be altered in height, depth, angle, offset and rotation.
  • The top articulating head section also allows for specific profiling of the back of the chair to accommodate the more complex head and neck positions.
  • The lower lumbar and sacral sections can be further configured to fully meet the individual’s pelvic stability needs.


  • Seat to back angle remains the same – the whole system tilts posteriorly.
    Promotes pelvic stability.
  • Encourages pressure distribution whilst also managing energy levels.
    Assists with hoisting and positioning.
    Tilt angle will be dependent on safety, tolerance, and appropriateness.
    The new informative inclinometer will aid seating prescription and safe use.


  • Seat to back angle adjusts to open up the hip angle.
    Assists with comfort and reduces abdominal pressure.
    Accommodates reduced hip flexion range of movement and helps alleviate any associated pain.
    The back angle will be dependent on hip range of movement and pelvic stability.
    The visual back angle indicator for the degree of recline will aid seating prescription and safe use.


  • Adaptable trunk control with independent height and width adjustment is achievable with the new ergonomically shaped external lateral support.
    For individuals who may require firmer postural support to achieve an optimum midline position.


  • The channelled elevating leg rest provides comfort whilst maintaining an aligned and safe position at the lower limbs.
    Leg rest elevation angle will depend on the range of movement/hamstring muscle length.
    The new negative angle can accommodate a limited knee range of movement, allowing a more comfortable seating position for those with contractures or tight hamstrings.


  • Foot support is essential for sensory feedback and to reduce the risk of pressure injury.
    Encourages postural stability to allow freedom of movement in the upper limbs from their load-bearing role.
    The angle adjustability can accommodate fixed positions at the ankle or correct foot posture to a more neutral position for comfort and pressure distribution.

Download the NEW SmartSeatPro Clinical Justification, a document supporting Health Care Professionals with their seating prescription and meeting equipment criteria. Please click on the download tab to view all the SmartSeatPro Resources.

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