The Kingsbridge


The Kingsbridge, a thoughtfully designed chair, has been designed and developed to allow the user to recline into a sleeping position whilst maintaining comfort and optimum support.

How can the Kingsbridge help individuals?

The Kingsbridge has been thoughtfully designed for the user who needs to sleep in the chair or be reclined in to a lay flat position for carefully considered health reasons with an 85° reclinable back. The safety system also allows users who experience seizures to be reclined into a recovery position within seconds.

Due to the possibility of prolonged use, appropriate pressure care and postural management is essential. The waterproof fabrics combine maximum abrasion resistance with a specially-engineered low friction surface to minimise the risk of shear. Cushioned wings and padded full lower limb support offer the necessary support to encourage alignment and equal weight distribution.

The chair also has a drop arm facility that caters for side transfers and access onto the chair. This facility can be added to either side or both sides of the chair.



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