Transfer Belts & Slings


Deluxe ComfyBelt

The Deluxe ComfyBelt has a PU-coated lining that gives superior grip and extra
security when transferring clients – for example, providing stability and support
when rising to standing and walking.

Small 56cm - 81cm
Medium 71cm - 115cm
Large 101cm - 141cm



The bright and cheerful ComfyKids is designed specifically for paediatrics. It can be used for activities such as walking, cycling, horse riding, floor work or any situation where extra stability and security are needed.

37cm – 64cm




The HydroBelt is constructed from NeopreneTM which is totally waterproof and non-absorbent, for ‘wet’ environments. It is ideal for bathing, showering, swimming and hydrotherapy – using a non-slip, soft material that is comfortable to wear both in and out of the water. Suitable for children and adults.

Extra Small 37cm – 64cm
Small 56cm – 81cm
Medium 71cm – 115cm
Large 101cm – 141cm



ComfyBelt Partner

The ComfyBelt Partner is a convenient, unpadded transfer belt to keep at hand, should an unexpected situation arise. It is small and discreet, so can fit in the carer’s pocket, or be worn around the waist.

One size fits all



The ComfySling has additional looped handholds to provide carers with an extended grip when handling in and around beds or chairs. It is ideal for repositioning clients in bed and leg transfers.

Small 91cm
Medium 107cm



Transfer Board


MEDesign® Transfer Board

Our secure and robust MEDesign® transfer board is specially designed to allow easy transfer of clients from one seat level to another.

  • Curved shape: useful in restricted or confined spaces and in angled transfers
    when a straight board can't be used
  • Tapered ends: enables the board to be easily placed under the client
  • Supports independence: reduces the carer's workload by enabling clients to
    slide themselves from one level to another, for example from bed to wheelchair
  • Versatile and cost-effective: can be used in a range of transfer routines
    Maximum user weight 120kg (19st).

Positioning Aids



The ChestStrap provides secure upper body support for wheelchair users who cannot retain an upright position. Padded for comfort and simple to adjust, it fastens at the back with a quick release buckle and works independently of the wheelchair frame.

Small 61cm - 84cm
Medium 66cm – 106cm
Large 89cm – 136cm


One-Way Slide Sheet

The one-way slide sheet helps to keep the pelvis upright and supported, and prevent sacral sitting. It rolls in one direction – locking to stop the client sliding forward. The Integral Visco-Elastic foam cushion offers pressure relief for low and medium-risk users.

42cm x 32cm


Slide Sheets


Our low-friction slide sheets are made from silicone-impregnated nylon.
They can be used in many transfer situations, reducing the need for manual lifting.

Slide Sheet Sizes

  • ComfySlide Roller

    • Chair Size (460mm x 680mm)

    • General Purpose Size (710mm x 1220mm)

    • Bed Size (710mm x 2000mm)

  • ComfySlide Pack

    • General purpose size (710mm x 1220mm)

    • Bed size (710mm x 2000mm)

ComfySlide (Roller)

ComfySlide is a roller slide sheet that allows versatile movement backwards or forwards, horizontally or vertically. It can be used to slide a person up the bed to a sitting position, or left under a client in bed, ready for when they need to turn over.


ComfySlide Packs

ComfySlide packs contain two slide sheets. By placing one sheet on the other, the patient can be moved in all directions. The flat sheets have webbing handles and four 'pulley' straps that can be clipped to the handles.

  • Flat sheets should only be used by people who have had moving
    and handling training.

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