Special Modifications for Individual Requirements

We offer a Custom-Made Device (CMD) service, for special modifications.
The CareFlex CMD service is available for all CareFlex chairs, and can
include any of our chair accessories.

Each CMD is unique. Below are examples of some of the special modifications we have made.

HydroTilt footplate lozenge and legrest wedge
HydroFlex triple channel legrest
SmartSeat squared off wings
HydroTilt channel footplate pad
HydroTilt with 200mm footplate pad to fit a channel legrest
HydroTilt with stepped seat, 'split' legrests and 'split' angle adjustable footplate

How the Service Works

During the seating assessment, it may become clear that a custom modification or accessory is needed. If this is the case, the details are noted down and passed to our CareFlex CMD team. The team then produces a schematic drawing and quotation for the item.

The person responsible for the chair's prescription signs off the drawing to agree what is required and what will be produced.

Sometimes a modification can be a simple accessory such as a seat wedge or footplate pad. In other instances it can be significant alteration to the structure of the chair. As each modification is made to individual requirements, the Custom-Made Device is produced according to the schematic drawing. It is our responsibility to ensure that the device is safe and manufactured to the right quality to fulfil the user's requirements.

We have years of experience making bespoke seating and our skilled craftspeople have the know-how to make a CMD look and work like a standard production item.

For more information about the CareFlex CMD Service please contact us

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