Our Patented Pressure Relief System

CareFlex WaterCell Technology® is at the heart of our specialist seating.
Our patented system provides a reliable and continuous low-pressure solution for people at medium to high risk of pressure damage.

Included as Standard in Our Adult
Specialist Seating Range

All CareFlex adult specialist seating solutions have WaterCell Technology built in as standard, enabling the user to achieve a stable and functional posture with continuous pressure relief and comfort.

How does WaterCell
Technology work?

WaterCell Technology works by allowing the seat cushion to contour naturally and effectively around the person's body. The properties of the
Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, High-Elastic Reflex Foam and WaterCells work synergistically to provide superb continuous low-pressure support without affecting stability and functionality.

Pressure Relief: Using the
Right Materials

At CareFlex we have earned an outstanding reputation for the quality of our products and service. Independent testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of WaterCell Technology. This means that we are confident that in a managed and trained care environment our WaterCell Technology will suit users of all risk categories.

  • The layer of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam moulds to the shape of the buttocks and thighs, distributing weight over a large surface area and minimising pressure
    build-up under bony areas.
  • The WaterCells and layer of High-Elastic Reflex Foam are resistant to compression, so even under maximum load our seating will provide dynamic, responsive support, protecting vulnerable areas.
  • Finally, the fluid in each WaterCell is highly dynamic, and responds instantly to changes in movement to ensure full contact is maintained between the body and the cushion.

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