The CareFlex Free Assessment Service

We offer a no-obligation free assessment service for anyone interested in a CareFlex chair. This assessment aims to establish:

  • What will the chair be used for, and for how long
  • Whether there is appropriate access into the building and between rooms
  • Who will be supervising and monitoring the chair and user
  • What method of transfer in and out of the chair will be used
  • How will the chair integrate into the environment with other products and equipment

The free assessment ends with an agreement on the most appropriate set-up of specialist seating and accessories that will meet the needs of everyone who will be using the chair. We will send a written quotation, which can be used to order the chair.

At CareFlex, we are committed to keeping our customers and our staff safe. We have safe working guidance in light of any COVID outbreaks.

Face-to-face visits are being risk assessed to determine if they are low-risk and, therefore, safe to proceed. We follow government advice concerning personal protective equipment and social distancing, where possible. We can also offer remote assessments and clinical support where face-to-face contact is unsafe. Click here if you would like to see our guidance document.

How to Order

It’s Easy to Order Your CareFlex Chair

Before an order is placed, we need to carry out a no-obligation assessment – an essential part of the process because every CareFlex chair is made to suit the user.

Call our Customer Care Line FREE on 0800 0186440 to arrange a free, no-obligation assessment.

It’s Easy to Order Moving & Handling Equipment

To order from our range of Moving and Handling equipment, call our Customer Care Line FREE on 0800 0186440.

You can also order Moving & Handling products online HERE.

Your Questions Answered

Click on the question panels below for more detailed information on the CareFlex Free Assessment process.

Ideally, it’s best if a healthcare professional familiar with the user of the chair and the situation can contact our CareFlex team to organise the assessment. This is so that we can get a good idea of specific requirements and organise for the most appropriate CareFlex chair to be demonstrated

A seating assessment may take a whole morning or afternoon. We need this to allow the user to feel comfortable in the chair and relax. This is essential because it affects their muscle tone – giving a better representation of how the chair is likely to support them and be used, day to day.

Once the user of the chair has relaxed, it’s possible to make decisions on the chair’s suitability, size and fit. It may be necessary to add accessories to improve positioning and sometimes a bespoke modification may be necessary for comfort, function or posture management.

Upon delivery, your chair will need to be set-up to ensure it fits the user perfectly and operates as intended. Key dimensions will have been taken at assessment and, with reference to the User Instructions, checks on seat depth, accessory position and movement features, will need to be carried out. If help with the chair set-up, or staff training is required, contact our Customer Careline FREE on 0800 0186440.

CareFlex chairs are designed to be easy to adjust and operate. No tools are required to operate the daily functions of the chair and if any dimensions of the set-up need adjustment, reference to the User Instructions will guide you through the procedures, step by step.

It is good to establish a routine with your chair, agreeing with a healthcare professional how to transfer safely and effectively into and out of the chair, what position to use for different activities and what the limit of movement features like legrest elevation and back angle recline should be. Our aim is to give the user or carer the confidence to operate the chair, knowing that its critical adjustments, like seat depth adjustment, will not slip, change, or be easily tampered with.