Specialist Seating Range

Our specialist seating range balances the four key areas when choosing a chair: comfort, independence, posture control, and pressure relief.

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  • The HydroCare, our simple but effective chair, offers comfort and support for those in need of stability and safety. This is the ideal chair for the older person, for nursing or residential home environments, or for individuals in a palliative care setting.

  • The HydroTilt, our much loved dependable chair, encourages optimum posture and pressure management whilst promoting comfort. This chair is suitable for a wide range of seating needs, in all domestic, health and care environments.

  • The HydroTilt XL, our robust supportive chair, offers comfort with optimum posture and pressure management for individuals with increased body weight and size. It includes all the tried and trusted features of our much loved HydroTilt but with an impressive maximum user weight of 35 stone.

  • The MultiAdjust, an all round, highly adjustable, adaptable, comfortable and cost effective postural care chair. 

  • The HydroFlex, our flexible rehabilitation chair, offers high levels of adaptability for those with more complex posture and pressure management needs. The wide variety of positions that can be achieved, together with the available comprehensive range of options and accessories, mean the chair can correct or accommodate specific postural challenges or form part of a rehabilitation programme.

  • The SmartSeatPro II is a new and upgraded, highly adjustable specialist seating system for individuals with complex postural management and pressure care needs.

  • The Paediatric SmartSeatPro, our revolutionary modular chair, takes specialist seating to the next level. This seating system is highly adjustable for children with complex posture and pressure management needs.

  • Sleep comfortably next to your loved ones.

    A comfortable and simple bedside hospital chair that turns into a bed when patients need that support through the night.

  • Manufacturers of specialist seating since 1995; CareFlex balance comfort, posture management, pressure relief and independence to improve the quality of life for our users.

    This means we consider what we do is more than just a chair. Specialist seating needs are challenging and can be complex or overwhelming.

    Our specialist seating range balances the four key areas when choosing a chair: comfort, independence, posture control, and pressure relief.

    All adult CareFlex chairs provide pressure care through specialist seating that is individualised to the user that incorporates pressure relieving materials and pressure redistribution functions and controls.

    Each tailored seating solution is unique. A modification can range from a simple accessory such as a belt or foot rest pad through to significant alteration to the structure of the chair.

    We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and this is why every chair is made to order. It takes an entire team of skilled people to make a custom-built chair. We invest in the use of precision technology in all of our chairs to ensure that each one is crafted to the highest possible standard and cutting-edge design.

    All CareFlex chairs are supplied with a Lifetime Warranty on the steel frame and a 1 year warranty on the upholstery and all other parts. All parts and/or functions which are proven to be faulty as a result of manufacture or materials failure, which have occurred despite the chair being used as intended, will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge during the warranty period. You can find out more here.

    CareFlex seating forms part of the user’s pressure care programme when used appropriately following a holistic comprehensive assessment you can read about CareFlex WaterCell Technology to find out more.

    We have been providing effective tailored seating solutions for over 25 years and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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