Specialist Seating Range

Our seating solutions are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality – incorporating our innovative and unique pressure redistribution system, CareFlex WaterCell Technology®.

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  • The HydroCare, our simple but effective chair, offers comfort and support for those in need of stability and safety. This is the ideal chair for the older person, for nursing or residential home environments, or for individuals in a palliative care setting.

  • The HydroTilt, our much loved dependable chair, encourages optimum posture and pressure management whilst promoting comfort. This chair is suitable for a wide range of seating needs, in all domestic, health and care environments.

  • The HydroTilt XL, our robust supportive chair, offers comfort with optimum posture and pressure management for individuals with increased body weight and size. It includes all the tried and trusted features of our much loved HydroTilt but with an impressive maximum user weight of 35 stone.

  • The MultiAdjust, an all round, highly adjustable, adaptable, comfortable and cost effective postural care chair. 

  • The HydroFlex, our flexible rehabilitation chair, offers high levels of adaptability for those with more complex posture and pressure management needs. The wide variety of positions that can be achieved, together with the available comprehensive range of options and accessories, mean the chair can correct or accommodate specific postural challenges or form part of a rehabilitation programme.

  • The SmartSeat, our adaptable chair, is designed for individuals who require a combination of comfort, pressure management and specific support for posture control.  This chair can be used in single or multi-user environments due to its adjustability and range of accessories.

  • The SmartSeatPro, our revolutionary modular chair, takes specialist seating to the next level. This seating system is highly adjustable for individuals with complex posture and pressure management needs.

  • Sleep comfortably next to your loved ones.

    A comfortable and simple chair that turns into a bed when patients need that support through the night.

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