The Dartington


The Dartington, a traditional and elegant recliner with hand-pleated scroll arms and matching hand-pleated wings, has been designed with independence, comfort and aesthetics in mind.

How can the Dartington help individuals?

The Dartington is a traditional Rise & Recline chair that enhances independence whilst ensuring comfort. The hand-pleated scroll arms and matching hand-pleated wings add a touch of elegance.

The Dartington is made to measure, which guarantees that the chair is tailored to meet the individual user’s needs. Five multiple back and seat options will ensure optimum postural support.

It is built with a reflex foam seat cushion as standard, giving maximum comfort and support in a sitting position. CareFlex also offer a range of fabrics to ensure that the chair will look aesthetically pleasing and will blend in to the user’s surroundings.

The chair comes with a five year warranty on the frame and electrics.



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