16. Seating Prescription – Head Support when Seated

Head support is essential for safety during eating and drinking, for optimum respiratory function when breathing, and for achieving the best position for interaction with the outside world.

It is important to always start at the pelvis to create a stable base and support the trunk adequately as the pelvis and spine will determine the position of the head.

This video introduces the different options available for the management of head control and alignment. Watch our videos Seating Prescription – Pelvic Stability and Seating Prescription – Thorax and Shoulder Girdlefor further information.

Visit our Health section to read more about postural challenges and how to address them with our range of specialist seating products. You can also read about our tailored seating solutions service if a more bespoke head support is indicated.

Disclaimer: Ensure the assessment and prescription is completed by an experienced and qualified professional who has the competence and confidence required. Or contact us to book a free no-obligation assessment with our own seating assessors.