Introducing the Dynamic Air Cushions

Introducing the new innovative Dynamic Air Cushions for those users with the highest pressure care needs. Meticulously designed to complement our range of specialist seating. They are now available for the MultiAdjust, HydroFlex, and SmartSeatPro II small and medium-sized chairs.

Engineered for Excellence & Comfort

These are designed to cater to individuals at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers or those with existing tissue damage. Experience unparalleled comfort and support as the Dynamic Air Cushions adapt to the client’s body and needs. Available in both small and medium sizes through a sleek and seamless docking cushion design ensuring complete functionality of the Air Cushion and the controller.

Upgrade your client’s pressure care seating with these Dynamic Air Cushions – where comfort meets innovation!

Dynamic Air Cushions

How does it work?

The innovative design of this cushion prioritises comfort and support by ensuring optimal blood flow throughout the body while seated.

Featuring alternating and static horizontal cells that inflate and deflate automatically in a cyclical pattern. The Dynamic Cushion is particularly suitable for individuals spending a significant portion of their day in a chair.

Additionally, the multi-stretch, waterproof, and vapour-permeable cover not only reduces friction and shear during movement or repositioning but also controls moisture buildup, enhancing overall patient comfort and well-being.